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While good grades are not the main goal of our classes, evaluation is an important tool in teaching and discipleship training. We recognize that, although all people are equal in value, they often differ in their gifts and abilities. As we design our courses and evaluate students’ work, we do our best to make sure that students receive grades that properly reflect the effort they put into their studies.


Grading System


CCBCU uses both letter grades and grade points that count toward a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA). This standard grading system makes it easier for our students to transfer credits from CCBCU to other academic institutions.




CCBCU requires 100% attendance.  Any class missed will result in a 2% grade reduction, and the class must be made-up (by listening to the class recording or otherwise as appropriate).  Faithful class attendance is a vital part of the students’ experience at CCBCU. Our classes are participatory and interactive, and the quality of the classes would suffer greatly if attendance were optional.


The Registrar’s Office is the final authority on all attendance issues, and reserves the right to make the final decisions on which absences are excused.