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International Students

Admission for International Students
Students from Outside Africa
CCBCU is open to receiving students from outside Africa.  In general, student fees for international students will match those of Calvary Chapel Bible College, Murrieta.
Non-African Citizens with Ugandan Visa
Non-African citizens who have a valid Ugandan visa (work permit, student pass, etc.) prior to CCBCU application have student fees that match those for African students.


English proficiency is important.  English since all instruction, reading, and reports are in English.  It is essential that all students be able to understand, speak, and write English.


There is one application form for all students.  Download the application form here.
CCBCU foreign student application



Once all application materials have been received, including references, then the application is submitted to the Application Review Committee.  The Committee prayerfully considers each application.  A student can expect to hear from the college within a few weeks after applying.